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What is a saliva test and how does it work? 

Saliva tests are a non-invasive way of measuring hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. They measure the same hormones that blood tests do but with less hassle and more accuracy. 


To take one: you simply collect your own saliva into a plastic tube. You do this in the comfort of your own home at regular intervals throughout the day—which is essential for measuring fluctuating hormone levels. 

Why is it important to find out if you have hormone imbalances?

Hormone imbalances can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Symptoms include: 

 * Reduced sex drive • Infertility • PCOS • PMS • Hot flashes 

 • Insomnia • Anxiety/stress • Depression • Excessive worry

 • Decreased energy • Weight gain • Inflammation • Sugar craving

 • Difficulty losing weight • Compulsive eating * Sleep issues

When your hormones are balanced, life is better. 

Why are saliva tests better than traditional blood tests? 

Around 95-99% of steroid hormones in the bloodstream are "bound" to carrier proteins. When bound, they can't be used by cells in the body's tissues.  


But unlike blood, saliva contains unbound hormones. That means saliva provides a more accurate representation of free hormones, which can move into the tissues (including the salivary glands).

Often, hormone testing requires baseline measurements followed by regular tests to adjust therapeutic dosing or monitor a particular condition. Saliva sampling makes the testing process easy as patients can collect samples at homeday or nightas needed.

How can I get a kit? 

Simply click here or on the button to your left to order a saliva hormone test kit today. 

When you order a kit through our website, you will receive a FREE 60-minute follow-up consultation (normally $100) with our hormone specialist pharmacist to go over your results. 

We can then work with your doctor or provider to get you on the prescription compounds and supplements regimen that is best for you.