Community Pet Pharmacy
Virtual Tour with Owner Kendrick Smith. He will show you:

  1. Sterile compounding lab.

  2. Negative pressure room for compounding hazardous drugs.

  3. Dedicated team and facility to serve as this area’s only fully focused Pet Pharmacy.


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Keyboard and Mouse


  • Revenue is $23k per month including all sales of Pet Rx, Pet Otc, and Human Otc 

  • Our inventory is around $25k

  • We gain about 2 new pet owner customers per day

NYC Skyline BW


  • We have a sterile compounding room and a negative pressure non-sterile room

  • We have warehousing and ample storage facilities



  • I value a team. Not just in the pharmacy, but also in owning a business. I really enjoy working with others to put a project together

  • Community Pet Pharmacy operates with a pharmacist, a compounding tech, and a cashier

  • I have over 30 people I’m working with to grow Breedwise and I’m willing to bring their skills to help CPP grow



  • We have over 300 vets who have sent us compounds

  • We have 34 different vet clinics on our email campaign list

  • We are able to source from pet wholesalers-

  • We are a PCCA pharmacy and have the ability to source from them or lean on them for clinical services

  • We have many Breedwise contacts that give us more reach and more capabilities than our typical pharmacy contacts

Above the Clouds


  • We advertise as being the only independent fully focused pet pharmacy in Knoxville

  • We co-market with Breedwise to tell a bigger story and have the benefits of the Breedwise brand alongside the pet pharmacy business

  • We analyze our vet prescribers’ Rx data to market and target to the best opportunities

  • We have an email list of over 1500 customers to whom we launch promotions and communications



  • We are centrally located in Knoxville, very close to the interstate